Main floor rental area
Restored Area Available for Rent
Main Floor Viewed to South
Bottom floor rental area
Restored Area and Rooms Available for Rent
Ground Floor Viewed to North
Main floor rental area
Restored Area Available for Rent
Main Floor Viewed to North
YSB benefit party
Place settings for private dinner
held at the Mansion for the benefit of YSB.

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Pergoda Wedding Event

Recent wedding held in the pergola area
of the mansion gardens.

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The Reddick Mansion is listed on the National Registry within the Washington Square Historic District.  It was the only building of significance on the square at the time of the Lincoln-Douglas Debate on August 21, 1858.  William Reddick, the Mansion’s owner, was part of this historic event.  The interior has been restored to reflect the grandeur and charm of that time.

In keeping with Mr. Reddick’s desire to have his Mansion open to the community, the Reddick Mansion Association sponsors numerous events throughout the year. 

The Mansion has also been the scene of a variety of private events, including weddings, showers, celebrations, concerts, family reunions, seminars, meetings, birthday parties, retirement parties, Christmas parties, and picnics.

Rental space at the Mansion is available for such events with a variety of options.


Entry Level (Click here to see photos.)

  • There are one, two, or three rooms available to rent.

  • The entry level rooms allow easy access to the two restrooms and a small staging kitchen.

Main Level (Click here to see photos.)

  • There are three rooms available to rent on the west side of the main level, located up one flight of stairs from the entry level.  A stair lift is available.

  • These rooms maintain the ambiance of the restored museum rooms but allow for general use.

The interior rooms can accommodate 60-70 people depending on the venue and event.


The grounds and elegant, spacious pergola are available for rental. This space can accommodate over 100 people.

Venue for Photographs

(Click here to see photos.)

Photographs of special moments may be captured in the historic rooms or on the grounds.  Photography sessions are subject to the availability of the Mansion and staff.  All interior photo sessions require a signed photo contract and fee paid.  Exterior photo sessions require advanced approval and either a donation or membership on the part of the photographer.

If you are interested in adding a touch of history and ambiance to your special event, please contact the Reddick Mansion at 815-433-6100. Detailed information can be downloaded from the following links:

Rental Information, Contract, and Pricing Schedule

Rental Policies and Procedures

Photography Contract/Reservation Form

Photography Policies and Prices