Lower floor window set in southwest room
Set of windows on south wall
of room to southwest of lower floor
Windows on east side of lower floor
Set of windows on east wall
of room east side of lower floor

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Ground FLoor Furnishings

Reddick Family Personal Property

The personal property of the Reddick family was inventoried five times: (1) initial inventory following death of William Reddick; (2) supplementary inventory of William Reddick ownings; (3) inventory of personal property entitled to Elizabeth Funk Reddick; (4) inventory of personal property transferred to Elizabeth Funk Reddick; and (5) final inventory following the death of Elizabeth Funk Reddick. If you are interested, you can read PDF copies of each of these inventories in their entirety. Click Here

Below the following schematic, you will find a transcibed list of the household items that were inventoried and assessed for value for locations on the ground-level floor of the Mansion. Click the room name of choice to navigate directly to a PDF copy of the relevant list of furnishings. Two imagemap hotspots have been placed on the drawing.

Ground Floor Layout Windows on south wall of southwest room Wondows on east wall of middle room east of hallway


Inventoried Items and Their Value

Note: the following room titles are based on the types of items found in the room or on the name used for the location in the original inventory. Some items are linked to transciptions of the probates listed as #1, 2 and 5 in the first paragraph, above.

      1. Sewing Room

      2. Pantry off Southwest Room

      3. Servants Hallway

      4. Wash Room

      5. Cellar

      6. Lower Vestibule

      7. Main Hall

      8. Storage off Kitchen

      9. Sitting Room

      10. Pantry off Southeast Room and Kitchen

      11. Kitchen

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